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Points of Pride


                                                                    1. D's Holiday Soles

    The annual event provides our homeless students and students in need of shoes an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with a new pair of shoes and socks.  

The impact is huge because it can take a burden off the parents while also bringing joy to the students. It truly is a highlight for the students because they don't know what to expect. 

                                                                      2. Men Do Read

This initiative addresses the gender gap in reading engagement and literacy. It challenges the stereotypes surrounding masculinity and reading by creating an inclusive learning environment where all students feel empowerd to explore the world through literature. 

In a school where the male presence is limited, the "Men do Read" initiative has a profound impact on both male students and the overall community. This initiative provides our male students with positive male role models such as, "Antonio Gibson", (a running back for the New England Patriots) who visited us to demonstrate the value and enjoyment of reading. 

                                                         3. Gifted & HP Jekyll Island Trip

 This experience  provides our gifted and high potential students with an unorthodox  learning experience outside of the four walls of the classroom. Allowing the students to use critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration, and communication to explore world topics. 

This impacts the school community when students who have participated are able to share with others what they have learned with excitement and understanding. In addition, these types of opportunities incentivise other students to want to excel in order to have a chance to participate in these types of trips. 

                                                                   4. Glow & Grow Party

This recognition is a vibrant celebration designed to promote student growth, particularly in relation to their achievements on the MAP tests. Students gather to celebrate their progress and accomplishments in their educational journey. 

This impacts the students by promoting a positive mindset by highlighting thier achievements and progress, which boosts confidence and self-esteem. In additon to fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the students as they celebrate their accomplishments together. 

                                                                  5. PBIS Minute to Win it!

This behavior incentive initiative is to recognize students who have earned the amount of Dojo points needed to attend the "Minute to Win it" game room each month. 

This impacts the students by giving them an extra incentive to make good choices in order to participate in a fun time outside of their classroom. This helps the entire school community because good behavior is essential to creating a good and safe learning environment that not only impacts academic achievement and test scores, but also helps to build positive moral throughout the building with both students and teachers alike. 


Points of Pride Photo Gallery