Daily Schedule

Pre-K Daily Schedule

7:00-7:20 Drop-off/Breakfast

7:20-7:45 Greeting/Wash Hands

7:45-8:00 Morning Announcements/Restroom

8:00-8:05 Opening

8:05-8:15 Large Group

8:15-8:25 Story Time

8:25-8:30 Music & Movement/Restroom

8:30-8:45 Small Group

8:45-9:30 Outside Time

9:30-9:40 Water Break/Restroom

9:40-9:45 Music & Movement

9:45-10:00 Phonological Awareness

10:00-10:10 Story Time

10:10-10:50 Lunch

10:50-11:00 Music & Movement/Restroom

11:00-11:10 Math Moments

11:10-11:30 Large Group Literacy

11:30-11:40 Cool Down/Restroom

11:40-12:40 Nap

12:40- 12:50 Planning Time/Snack

12:50-1:50 Work Time

1:50-1:55 Clean Up

1:55-2:05 Recall

2:05-2:15 Closing Activity

2:15-2:45 Dismissal
**schedule is subject to change to meet student needs and special events**

What does the schedule mean?

Greeting is the time of day when students are entering the classroom.  Each student is addressed and welcomed into the classroom.  Students will wash hands upon entering the classroom to ensure the health and safety of all as we start our day.

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack are important times where students come together to socialize and practice healthy eating habits.  Breakfast occurs during the morning drop-off window prior to the instructional day.  Church Street Elementary offers free breakfast and lunch for all students.  It is important that you pack an individually wrapped snack for your child give them an extra boost of energy to complete their instructional day.

Tips for packing a healthy snack:

  • Avoid candy.
  • Avoid sending items that need to be frozen, refrigerated, or heated in a microwave.

Opening is when the events of the day are reviewed with students.  What we will be learning, what events are happening, and more are discussed to prepare students for the day.

Large Group is when the whole class is engaged in learning various skills.  From colors to calendar, weather to patterns.  Songs and books are read to help build the foundation of learning to prepare them for kindergarten.

Story Time is when books are read.  Story Time is more than exposure to books but also comprehension skills, number and sequencing stories, rhyming and more are introduced during this time.

Music & Movement is when students express themselves through creative movement or learn to copy movements from teachers and peers.  Music is used to support our topic of interest as well as to increase brain activity to help students retain better focus throughout their day.

Small Group is when the class is broken down into individualized groups to focus on activities to increase their level of understanding in various core areas.  Small Group allows for each student to receive instruction to meet their academic needs.

Large Group Literacy focuses on reading, writing, and retelling.  The class participates in reading chart stories and large print books, practices activities allowing them to strengthen their writing skills, and retelling to display literary comprehension.  

PlanningWork Time, and Recall Times allow students to create a plan of where they wish to play within the classroom, follow through on their plan, and then discuss the execution of their plan with adults and peers.  Students will be allowed to explore materials in the classroom through socially distanced expectations which will be modeled and taught.  Materials will be cleaned and sanitized before returning to shelves.

Outside Time is a time of day when large motor skills are exercised.  Jumping, swinging, climbing, digging, and more will be explored during this time. 

Nap Time is an opportunity for students to rest.  Students are actively moving and growing so it is important to understand that this can be very exhausting on their young bodies.  By providing a safe time for students to rest and recharge, all homes can have a smooth remainder of the day.

Phonological Awareness is a time of day when early reading skills are strengthened.  We begin preparing their listening skills, identification and creation of rhymes, letter sound identification, sentence segmenting, syllable segmenting, and more to prepare them for reading in kindergarten.

Math Moments is a time of day when early math concepts are strengthened through verbal discussion of the problem-solving process.

Closing Activity is when the events of the day are reviewed and discussed.  Closing Activity also prepares students for what will be happening at school the next day.

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